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    自公司成立以来,始终秉承 “诚信、务实、融合、共享”的企业文化精神;坚持打造“改善你我生活品质的建筑艺术臻品”的发展愿景。坚持“立足四川、布局全国、走向世界”的发展战略,业务布局四川、重庆、云南、河南、陕西、河北、湖南等十五省,土地储备约3000亩,可开发面积近500万平方米。

    景茂集团多次被评为“四川省优秀房地产企业”、“四川省诚信房地产企业”、“四川省守合同重信用企业”,从2015年起连续蝉联 “中国房地产500强”;2018年集团荣获“四川企业100强第99位、四川服务业企业100强第39位”;2019年集团荣获“四川杰出企业品牌榜第4位、四川省民营企业100强第33名”; 公司积极践行社会责任,在助学、助残、扶贫、关爱老人、抗震救灾、抗击疫情等公益事业上合计捐款数千万元,受到社会一致好评。



    Founded in 2008, Sichuan Jingmao Real Estate Group Co. , Ltd. (Jingmao Group) is headquartered in Chengdu, China, with first-class qualification in real estate development, construction and property management, with a total registered capital of 1280 million yuan, is a real estate development as the main business, set "financial investment, engineering construction, business operations, cultural tourism, property management, agricultural tourism, biotechnology, " as one of the large-scale Integrated Private Enterprise Group. At present, the company in the staff of more than 1000 people, under a total of 50 branches, subsidiaries and holding companies and Hong Kong branch. Since its inception, Jingmao group has always been adhering to the spirit of "integrity, pragmatic, integration, sharing" of the corporate culture, and always adhere to the "carefully create 'improve your quality of life' of architectural works of art, " the Corporate Development Vision. Ten years on the road, the glory blooms! The company has been appraised as "Sichuan Excellent Real Estate Enterprise" , "Sichuan honest real estate enterprise" , "Sichuan contract heavy credit enterprise" . Since 2014, China Real Estate Research Association, China Real Estate Association, in China Real Estate Evaluation Center issued the Authority of "China Real Estate Top 500" ; In 2018, the group won the "Sichuan Enterprise 100 top 99, Sichuan Service Enterprises 100 top 39" ; in 2019, the Group won "Sichuan Outstanding Enterprise Brand List No. 4, Sichuan Province Private Enterprise 100 top 33" ; Fully demonstrate the strength of Sichuan enterprises. In the face of the opportunities and challenges of the new era, with abundant resources reserves, strong financial strength, modern management concepts, excellent corporate culture, relying on the development strategy of "based on Sichuan, layout the whole country, to the world" , jingmao Group has started its IPO listing in Hong Kong. Its business layout has entered Yunnan, Henan, Shaanxi, Chongqing, Hebei, Hunan and more than 10 other provinces one after another. The contracted projects cover a variety of business and residential, cultural and tourism, health care, and industrial real estate, the land reserve is about 3000 MU, and the developable area is nearly 5 million square meters. In the next 5 years, Jingmao group aspire to become China's top 100 real estate enterprises, to become the southwest region "cultural excellence, professional operation, excellent products" Habitat Production City operators. Jingmao look forward to working with you in good faith, hand in hand, for the realization of "with your creative, unlimited life, improve your quality of life, " the solemn commitment to work hard!


    地址:成都市高新区天府大道北段1700号环球中心W1区 2129



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